Volunteer in Africa

Diese Anfrage kommt von Kristiina (Kristiina.CICD@mail.ee)
[gesendet am: Mi, 4. Mai 2005, 12:28]

CICD (College for International Co-operation and
Development) and Humana People to People movement are
looking for volunteers. You can contribute to the fight
against AIDS and poverty by joining the Development
Instructor programme.
A life changing experience – for yourself and the people in
Africa you work with!
You can work in:
-Child Aid
-Pre-school programmes
-HIV/AIDS prevention
-Environment and tree planting
-Social work with street children
Previous qualifications are not needed!
You need to be 18+, hardworking, motivated and flexible.
14 months programme
-6 months training in Denmark or England
-6 months development work at a project in Africa
-2 months evaluation and information work
Information in English marie@cicd-volunteerinafrica.org
WIR SPRECHEN AUCH DEUTSCH!!! Kristiina.cicd@mail.ee

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