I sell my Ford Falcon EB Station Wagon

Diese Anfrage kommt von Georg (garnichts@gmx.net)
[gesendet am: Mi, 2. Feb 2005, 6:48]

I sell my Ford Falcon EB Station Wagon 12/1992 -> for
3500 AUD
It’s a 1st time Backpacker car
Registration -> 01/2006 :-)
(you can drive for the next 9 Months before you have to
make a new registry)
~178.000 km
I leave Tasmania ~ 23.03.05 and go then to Melbourne ->
Canberra -> Sydney –>
I arrive in Sydney ~ 30.03.05
I sell my Ford Falcon EB from the 23.03.05 between
Melbourne and the 05.04.05 (going overseas) in Sydney to
good Air condition
Power steer
good tires
new Battery
fuel kanister for 20 Litre (good in the Outback)
water canister for drinking – 20 liter
water canister for washing – 20 liter
spare parts for cooler (good to have in the outback)
extra Oil for Power steer, Motor, …
fly net

On the Internet page http://Falconpics.websingles.at you
can see a lot of pictures (20) of the car.
I can also give you the phone number of the last owner (a
nice old couple owned the car the last 7 years – they had a
garage and took care about the car –> regular service)
If you have any questions to the car call me @ 0405929741
(Vodaphone) / sms me
or write me an E-Mail -> garnichts@gmx.net I will answer
as soon as possible
The Car is registered in New South Wales on my name and i
have all the papers.
Number Plate: SLC-910
If you come direct from Europe … you can also pay the car
in Euro (no note charges)
lg DI Georg T. (Austria)

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