Great blog here! Als

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  1. Quelle joie de te vo
    Gesendet von: Birdie (
    [am: Di, 27. Dez 2016, 22:14]

    Quelle joie de te voir ainsi à l’honneur, cher Jean ! Cette photo si souvent regardée parmi d’autres, ce poème tant de fois récité, acquièrent une autre dimension ainsi offerts, celle de relever notre quotidien à to3mf#82u0;Af&ectueusesent : Norbert & Fabienne[]

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  4. "If you're
    Gesendet von: Starr (
    [am: So, 22. Jan 2017, 7:12]

    "If you're friend had gone to a local ER after leaving the military hosptial, I'm sure a rational thinking Doctor would have given her a therapeutic abtqrion.&ouot;Know what? I'm DONE going back and forth with your ass!you do have a thing about asses, don't you?ER doc would try to call a specialist, and the hospital WOULDN'T HAVE ONE. are YOU slow? i guess you still have no comment on whether roe v. wade should be overturned. coward.

  5. Superb inoitmarofn h
    Gesendet von: Barbi (
    [am: Mo, 23. Jan 2017, 11:29]

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