Hats off to wheoevr

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  1. – On the L/R p
    Gesendet von: Wood (bbz4eupzb2t@mail.com)
    [am: So, 22. Jan 2017, 5:40]

    – On the L/R paradigm, I don’t know that I &##802;defend&28221; it. But I do engage in L/R thinking, because it’s sort of necessary to. Politics is infused in everything, and that can’t just be ignored. On a philosophical level, though, I do see things primarily in terms of power and class. (I’d be a shitty sociology student if I didn’t.) The phrase that comes most readily to mind when I think about all that is going on is not Max’s phrase “financial terrorism,” but it’s synonymous with it: structural violence.

  2. Haahaahh. I'm not to
    Gesendet von: Jenn (zagdcyl2i@outlook.com)
    [am: Mo, 23. Jan 2017, 11:27]

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