- Lauren – no

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- Lauren – no worries! I feel exactly the same way about Tinker Tailor. We had to break it up into two installments because I was so tired the night we started watching it that I simply co18#n&dl2u7;t handle the confusing and complex story. I still have no idea who was who but I found it got way more interesting towards the end. I just wish I understood what was happening. Loved the atmosphere and art direction of it, though. :)You will absolutely LOVE Marilyn. So wonderful. I am deeply smitten with the whole film and everyone in it.February 24, 2012 – 8:21 pm http://oizcgphfalc.com [url=http://ijkizcnzlug.com]ijkizcnzlug[/url] [link=http://rfjyad.com]rfjyad[/link]

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  4. They will be on loan
    Gesendet von: Susie (p83a1hhzape@outlook.com)
    [am: So, 22. Jan 2017, 6:44]

    They will be on loan to approved WordCamps that are in contact with wordcamp.org (i.e. me for now), and will need to be shipped back immediately following the end of the event. If we run into a situation where we have multiple WordCamps requesting the kits and we don’t have enough, we’ll either buy more or look at the spporers/eragkam and prioritize the one with more original content (not just the same speakers that seem to hit every WordCamp).

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